Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oiselle Team

Lucky me! I am officially a part of the Oiselle Ambassador Racing Team! 

Joining a running team, post-collegiatelly, has been on my to-do list for too many years now. It was one of those perpetually 'put-off' items that I never quite got around to, likely because it required a commitment that appeared intimidating.  When I made the decision to step away from collegiate racing, it was the right choice at the right time.  Ever since, however, I have done some serious soul searching about how I would reconnect with running and racing, and what that would look like in my life.  I gave coaching a try a few years ago and loved it.  It fulfilled my desire to be surrounded by runners, but I still missed that internal competitive drive that challenged me to dig deep and put my heart out there on the start line every time I raced.  I was always a little nervous to reach out to join a racing team, because that would mean that I would have to buckle down and get serious about my training, set goals and actually race to achieve those goals, and have no excuses about the process.  Thankfully, common sense ruled, and I was reminded how much I was over-thinking this whole team concept and I reached out to join the ranks of the fabulous Oiselle racing team.  I realized that the idea of being surrounded by such incredible teammates was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up, and that it would be well worth the serious training, and lofty goal setting.  Just reading the blogs, the tweets, and the race results of these women has been so incredibly inspiring.

2013 is going to be an exciting racing year.  I've set goals, I have solid races lined up, and I am ready to put my heart out there on the course.  I am excited to meet more Oiselle teammates and I can't wait for the opportunity to wear the Oiselle uniform and support this amazing company.

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