Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chasing Airplanes

Getting to the Vineyard was quite an endurance workout, mixed in with a few interval sprints along the way...

- finish packing at 9:05. Flight leaves at 11:30

- arrive at airport to a huge security line, but make it to my gate... Only to find NO ONE there. Brief panic takes over and the first of many deep breaths.

 - over hear there was a gate change and I have to take the subway gig over to a different terminal. I start sprinting (waddling as quickly as possible with two bags hauled over my shoulders). It's 11:20 at this point.

 - sprint to the gate to see a long line. Take another deep breath and try to stop sweating.

- first 2 hours of the flight were all about deep breaths. Holy smokes that was some serious turbulence. Turbulence + red eye flight + middle seat = bad combination!!

- arrive to a supposedly delayed connection. All I want is a coffee and some water. I think I have 3 hours... Just kidding. My connection is in 40 minutes in a different terminal - it involves a bus ride.

- more sprinting, more sweating, more deep breaths. The lady on the bus is not amused that I am anxious about making this flight (even though it is the only flight out today)

- Sprinting through the terminal, I finally arrive at the gate to find that it hasn't even boarded yet. All I could do was laugh because it had been quite the adventure! Made the flight, saw the Island from the air, and Colleen was there waiting for me!